My Constantly Evolving List of All-Time Favorites.

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Gone Girl
The Night Circus
The Woodcutter
The Graveyard Book
Sharp Objects
Dark Places
Shutter Island
The Passage
The Twelve
Rules of Civility
The Aviary
Heir to the Glimmering World
Wool Omnibus
The Weird Sisters
A Song of Ice and Fire
A Game of Thrones

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About me

Wanna know about me? Read on.

I am a wife, a mom, and a writer-I'd like to think in that order. My husband and I have been married for over 13 years, and we have two wonderful daughters. Our oldest is 10, younger is 9. Our younger daughter had Down syndrome. They are both the pride and joy of our lives, although we try not to tell them that too often. We don't want them to get big heads. 

I have a literature degree with a minor in journalism. Luckily for me I do know how to write, or that lit degree would be worthless. I read ALL the time, on my Kindle. My older daughter is also turning into a reader, which makes me happy. 

I grew up in Colorado, my husband's from New Jersey, we met in Arizona. We have lived in California, Colorado, and now, Ohio. We have family all over the states, so we travel to visit more often than many people. We love our small Central Ohio town of Delaware and have tried to make it our 'hometown.' Our girls are active--our older swims and plays lacrosse. Our younger daughter is active in dance and Special Olympics. 

I love to bake. I workout when I can, and have pounds I need to shed. I like sweets too much. We live in a gluten free house; our younger daughter was diagnosed with Celiac last year. I have lost weight and learned a lot about what we put in our bodies (GF doesn't necessarily mean lower calories, so we're trying to balance all that). My husband gave up gluten and lost 40 pounds. That really pisses me off, but this isn't a blog about that. Mostly I read, or watch t.v., or volunteer in the millions of things in which my children are active. 

Family photo- October, 2012
(We were at bro-in-laws wedding. We don't dress like this everyday. And hubs there is down 40 pounds from this photo.)

The oddest thing in our marriage is the fact that my husband doesn't read at all. He can't sit still for a whole book, and is dyslexic (this wasn't diagnosed until high school, so he didn't get much help in school). He is a culinary school trained chef and worked in the restaurant industry for many years, but has left that life to become a home restoration and renovation guy. He is very handy and I think he likes seeing his creativity put to different uses. He also has the ADHD thing going on, so staying active is really good for him and his slightly skewed, very creative mind.

I do have a job that allows me to write. It is a pretty good gig; I get to work from home (mostly) and get to do what I love.

All-in-all, I'd say I'm a lucky woman. Life has its downs and its ups, but I'm a glass half full lady, and I'd say there is more up than down. And that makes my life, my world, seems just a little charmed.

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