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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello World!!! Introduction to ME!!!

Well, hello world. This is my first blog post and I'm hoping to make it a nearly daily occurrence. That may be overly ambitious, but dream big, right?

First, let me tell you what I do for a living. I get to write daily, working as a legal reporter (NOT a court reporter with the weird typing machine) covering civil cases in Central Ohio (the Columbus area) for a daily report mainly sent to law offices and large companies. I also do some freelance writing and editing.

And now on to my blog . . . .

I read so much and many ask me what they should read. I love reading, love discussing what I read and love recommending books to others. I love submerging myself into another world, and I love exposing others to those worlds. Thus, this blog is born. I hope it provides insight to others.

Books have given me so much. They have lead me to new worlds and given me shelter when my world seemed unbearable (especially those traumatic tween and teen years). Books have taught me, and lead me to places that I want to learn about. They have helped me to be a better person and shown me what bad behavior can do to myself and others. It has also shown me that a little bad behavior can be a good thing--but just a little ;-).

I have also been on a journey to read some tween and YA books lately, as I have a daughter, nearly ten, who loves to read. Her reading ability is higher than her age, so I like to guide her to books that will expand her mind without exposing her to literature that will be over her head.

I also have an eight year old daughter with Down syndrome, so this is another journey I'm on. She's a great kid and pretty easy behavior-wise, but she has created another topic on the learning curve. She reads at about a first grade level, so picture books are good for her. I am constantly looking for good books for her to read, as well as for books that her sister and I can read to her. Any suggestions on this front are greatly appreciated.

As for me and reading, I read whenever possible. I read in the bathtub, while I blow dry my hair and put on my makeup (this isn't always successful). I read while eating (not when I'm with my family at the table, but lunches alone are a great reading time). I read while I exercise (my hour on the elliptical goes much faster with music and my Kindle). I read before bed and when I get up in the morning (as long as my girls aren't awake yet--this is the BEST time to read). I listen to books in the car and on my Kindle Fire HD while I work. I sometimes read during family movie time, or during mommy and daddy TV time.

Family photo- October, 2012
(we were at bro-in-laws wedding. We don't dress like this everyday ;-))

And the funniest thing, my husband doesn't read at all. He can't sit still for a whole book, and is dyslexic (this wasn't diagnosed until high school, so he didn't get much help in school). He is a culinary school trained chef and worked in the restaurant industry for many years, but has left that life to become a home restoration and renovation guy. He is very handy and I think he likes seeing his creativity put to different uses. He also has the ADHD thing going on, so staying active is really good for him and his slightly skewed, very creative mind.

So this is me and my family. Book reviews to follow.

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